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Beads: Bears * Birds & Hummingbirds * Buffalo * Dolphin & Fish * Horses * Sets of 6  * Squirrel * Turtle & Frog * Wolf * Zuni Bears * Pendants   

NOTE * Photos are Samples: variations in color and patterns will be unique to each bead

 Zuni Bear Beads are Natural Gemstone and measure 13 x 18mm in size (1/2" x 3/4") drilled back to belly

 click images to enlarge  ( # ) denotes # available in stock.  If (2) are available, please don't order 4     

 Black Magnesite (dyed)
Black Magnesite dyed
Coffee Magnesite (dyed)
Coffee Magnesite
Dalmatine Zuni Bear Bead
 Goldstone Zuni Bear Bead
(M) out
Imperial Jasper 
Imperial Jasper (N)
 Ivory Magnesite
 Ivory Magnesite 
 Lapis Blue Magnesite (dyed)
Lapis Blue Magnesite (dyed)  
 Enhanced Lapis
Lapis Lazuli 
   Leopardskin Jasper
Leopardskin Jasper (N)
 Mother of Pearl
 Mother of Pearl (N)
 New Jade
New Jade (N)
Picture Jasper  Zuni Bear Bead
Picture Jasper 
 Purple Magnesite (dyed)
Purple Magnesite dyed

Red Aventurine Zuni Bear Bead
Red Aventurine
(N) out

  red jasper
Red Jasper (N)  

 Red Magnesite (dyed)
Red Magnesite (dyed)  
   Rose Quartz�
Rose Quartz (N) 
  Silverleaf_ZUNI_ Bear
Silverleaf Jasper (N)  
Snowflake Obsidian
  Tiger Iron
Tiger Iron 
TQ-dark_matrix-ZBstd.jpg (104745 bytes)
Turquoise dark imitation/w-matrix 
TQ-Howlite-std.jpg (43480 bytes)  Turquoise Howlite
(dyed stone) 

  Turquoise Magnesite
 Turquoise Magnesite (dyed)

Unakite (N)

 VioletMag_zb.jpg (95875 bytes)
Violet Howlite (dyed)

WhiteHowlite.jpg (68395 bytes)
White Howlite (N)
Wood Jasper
Wood Jasper

Sample of 10 mixed Zuni Bears

10 mixed * Sample

Mix-Mag-Zuni2.jpg (51380 bytes)
Mixed Magnesite
assorted colors 

Quantities in stock change daily.
If color is not on drop down selection it is currently not available 

  BUY individual ZUNI BEAR beads @ $0.95 each
not all stones may be available >see drop down
do not change quantity of individual bears in cart

   BUY 6  same stone  ZUNI BEARS $0.95 each = $5.70
 *not all stones may be available in lots of 6 >see drop down
  BAG 10 MIXED  ZUNI BEARS @$0.95 = $9.50                   

Bears * Birds & Hummingbirds * Buffalo * Dolphin & Fish * Horses * Sets of 6  * Squirrel * Turtles * Wolf * Zuni Bears * Pendants  

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BELOW  out of stock

SnowJade_zuni_Std.jpg (40467 bytes)
Snow Jade

   DenimLapis-Zuni.jpg (111949 bytes)

Denim Lapis

Red Brecciated
Red Brecciated


Oyster Opal Zuni Bear
Oyster Opal Agate 

Black Onyz  Zuni Bear Bead
Black onyx


Candy Jade Zuni Bear
Candy Jade 

Morrocan Agate

Morrocan Agate discontinued


Lapis Howlite�

Lapis howlite

Sodalite Zuni Bear Bead


Turquoise dark
 Magnesite (dyed) Z-8

  Green Magnesite (dyed)
Green Magnesite dyed 

LiteTurquoise Howlite
 Turquoise Howlite dyed  

dark Turquoise Howlite

TQ recon

Picasso Jasper�
Picasso Jasper

ZB-SampleShape.jpg (51302 bytes)



  Mookaite_Zuni_Std.jpg (56667 bytes)
Mookaite Jasper (N) 

Fancy Jasper
Fancy Jasper