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The earrings on Clearance are mostly One of a Kind so please do not change quantity in shopping cart  

Apple Jasper Horse Earrings

Apple sesame Jasper Horse    
  sample *
 #H0508H9  $6.00


Dalmatian Horse 0907D1.jpg

Dalmatian Horse
#0907D1 - $7.00

  Rhodonite Horse 0415H8a.

Rhodonite Horse (mauve)
H0415H8 -
 (3 pair)


Snowflake Obsidian Horse

Snowflake Obsidian (N) Horse
#H1021H7 - $6.00  (2 pair)   

Brown Jasper Wolf

Brown Jasper Wolf
 #0207F1 $7.00
 * (2 pair)   

�Peacock Jasper Horse

 Peacock Jasper Horse w/czech
#0715H7 - $5.00 


Red Peacock Jasper Horse

Red Peacock Jasper (N) Horse
#H0508H7 - 
$5.00  (1 pair)


Hummingbird FIMO Clay

Hummingbird FIMO Clay Coins
  #0607F3 - $4.00 


Amber Wolf Earrings

'Amber' block Wolf w/ carnelian in gold  #1201w1 * $7.00


Rhyolite Ovals
#0101R1 * $5.00

Ceramic Ladybugs

Ceramic Ladybugs
#0523L8sg -

Tan Serpentine Turtle�

Tan Serpentine Turtle
 #0808T9 * $7.00 ONE PAIR

Unakite Green Hummingbird 125H8.JPG
Unakite green Hummingbird
with Erinite Swarovski crystal
  #0125H8 * $7.00 ONE PAIR

Silverleaf Jasper Zuni Bear

Silverleaf Jasper Zuni Bear
#0712zb9 - $5.00 SOLD

Unakite Turtle Unakite green (N) Turtle
with Swarovski crystal
  #0713T4 * $7.00 ONE PAIR

Amber block Walking Bear

Amber block Walking Bear
#0202B9 - 8.00 ONE PAIR


Black Horse 0421m5

Black block Horse w/Gold  0421m5 - $6.00


Red Aventurine Zuni Bears 0903m6a

Red Aventurine Zuni Bear 
#0407-0903 - $5.00


0210K1.JPG (54557 bytes)

Kokopelli FIMO Clay 
  #0210K1 - $4.90 


Ceramic Tiny Teddy Bears 0308m1 Ceramic Tiny Teddy Bears 0308m6

Ceramic Tiny Teddy Bears
   #0308m4-sg * $3.30
  1 pair 


Ceramic Tiny Otter 0903m1

Ceramic Tiny Otter
   #0903m1-sg  $3.40    


Ceramic Tiny Panda Bears

Ceramic Tiny Panda Bears
   #0305m13-sg *


Ceramic Tiny Froggies

Ceramic Tiny Froggies
   #0605F1-sg $4.00    


Ceramic Tiny Kitty Cat

Ceramic Tiny Kitty Cat
 #0305T1-sg * 

  Ceramic Tiny Pink Pig

Ceramic Tiny Pink Piglet
#0305m2-sg - 


Picture Jasper Zuni�Bear
Picture Jasper (N) Zuni Bear #0126P1 - $4.90 Sample

Millefiori Red Rectangle Earrings 

Millefiori Red Rectangles
#0604M2 - $3.00 

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