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Note: The animal beads are not Native American products. These beads are “Indian-style” products imported into the United States. Except for the ones noted as (N) natural stone, (D) dyed stone, or (M) man made, animal beads are a man made material designed to resemble the appearance of natural gemstone. Due to the handmade nature every bead is unique and small variances may exist


Lapis Blue block RAM'  

 #0129R6 *  $7.00   SOLD


0228R2a.jpg (25851 bytes)

Brown Serpentine RAM

 # 0228R2 * SOLD


0228R9.JPG (44112 bytes)

Grey Serpentine RAM

 #0228R9 *  SOLD

0228R8.jpg (39648 bytes)

Brown Serpentine RAM

 # 0228R8 *  SOLD

1015R1a.JPG (35097 bytes)

Lite Tan Serpentine RAM  

 # 1015R1 * SOLD

0521R2.jpg (28075 bytes)

Tan Serpentine RAM  

 #0521R2 - SOLD

 Tan Serpentine Armadillo

Tan Serpentine Stone

  #0514A8 *  SOLD

Red Armadillo

Red Armadillo

 #0514A4  * SOLD


Brown Serpentine Armadillo

Brown Serpentine garnet bead

  #0514A1 *  SOLD


0210A2.JPG (38126 bytes)

White Jade Stone Armadillo

  #0210A2 *  SOLD


0508m8a.jpg (28803 bytes)

Brown Serpentine Fox

 #0508m8 * SOLD OUT


1202F4.JPG (28039 bytes)

Tan Serpentine Fox

 #1202F4 SOLD OUT


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