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Carolyn Louise Jones Perry

Nov 14, 1927 - May 3, 2004

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Mom's favorite: "Softly As I Leave You" / John Gary  


Our sweet mother's soul gently released from it's earthly body Monday evening the 3rd of May at 10:48 pm as I was holding her hand. She passed in grace and peace. It was the dawn of her spiritual journey into the realm of eternity, where there will be no pain, no suffering, no sadness, no tears. 

We will greatly miss our "BabaLou"

We have no fear that Mother's passing has ended her joy at all, but rather provided her the opportunity to once again be with her loving daughter, our sister, Linda who she missed so very much. We can just imagine the glowing smile on her face and the joy in her heart when she saw Linda once again. 

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                (My heart is at peace seeing your smiles shine from above)

            She is no longer here on earth, but we have not lost our mother, she is and will always remain a part of us.

Grief is not easy.
It is hard on the heart and the mind and the soul
To lose one you've loved your entire life long.

Mom, your life's journey is done.
Our faith has you safely at home In the arms of our God,
Who is holding you now In His loving and comforting way.

We'll miss you so much.
You were good ...you were kind...
You were loving and caring.
A wonderful mother and good friend, co-worker and neighbor

To Mom, Babalou,  Lou

we love you beyond words.

We thank you for your love and for your sacrifices for us.

we could not have asked for a better example in a parent and we salute you.

We lift you up! Not in worship, but in Honor!
We hold you in Great Esteem and Worth.
And of Great Value to our lives!

We cannot see you, but you are still with us. You are more than a memory.   You  will always be a living presence. 

In the whisper of the leaves, in the sound of the rain, in the fragrance of flowers, in the beauty of a sunset…even in the smell of our freshly laundered clothes.

You will live on inside our laughter. …and in every tear we shed.

You are the place we came from ... our first home… The map we follow with every step we take… and nothing on earth can separate us from you .... Not time .... not space ... not even death


May you be well and happy where you are.

                                             with our love ,

                                                                     Pat and Shay

May 3, 2005

    Losing you cuts into my soul everyday
Often I speak your name out loud .."Babbalou, I miss you".
Understand that I know you are still here,
    I feel you all around, I know you are not far away
Selfishly I  keep you by me everyday, not wanting to let go because
Every day I miss you so very much more in everything I do 
Perhaps you know that, and that is why you send your smile to me .
Embedded in my memory I can hear your voice, hear your laughter, I can
Reach out and touch the spirit of you, and know you are close by. 
Remembering that you often talked of wanting to be with Linda again
Yes, I can finally smile knowing the two of you are together, and

                    that someday I also will come home to be with you



November 14, 2004

                            Sounds of laughter ring no more,
                            Though our heart's an open door.
                            Autumn leaves will linger while,
                            We cherish the memory of your smile.
                            And when the cold becomes too much,
                           We remember the warmth of your gentle touch.
                           We miss you more than you can know,
                           And long to see your face aglow.
                           Today we feel lonely and by the way,
                           It would've been your 77th Happy Birthday
                           We miss you Mom,
                                                            Pat & Shay

Happy Mother's Day


In Loving Memory of my husband Alan Sept 10, 1950Sept 22 1996     

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    In Loving Memory of a very special and dearly beloved friend Rick * June 17,1953 - Nov 27, 2004                             

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