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PENDANTS :  Thunderbird  * Horse * Inlaid * Standing BearKachina * Lion * Turtle * Walking Bear * Zuni Bear 

Bears measure 1 1/4" wide x 3/4" tall and are top drilled back to belly

Blackstone Bear Pendant Bead��

   Blackstone Bear Pendant Bead   Sold out

Tigereye Bear�Pendant Bead

 Tigereye Bear Pendant Bead

 3 available

Dark Turquoise Bear Pendant Bead

Dark Turquoise *block Bear Pendant Bead
*block is imitation  Sold out

Light Turquoise Bear Pendant Bead

Turquoise Magnesite
*dyed stone
- 3 available

�Leopardskin Bear Pendant Bead�

   Leopardskin Jasper Bear Pendant Bead
Sold out

Picasso Marble Bear�Pendant Bead

Picasso Marble Bear Pendant Bead
 3 a

Unakite Bear�Pendant Bead

Unakite Gemstone Bear Pendant Bead
Sold out

White Howlite Bear Pendant Bead

White Howlite Bear Pendant Bead

WhiteBearPndtb.JPG (38858 bytes)

  White Jade Bear w/Bail  


Cp7.jpg (15352 bytes)

Turquoise block Heartline Spirit Bear BEAD
1 3/8" across x 7/8" tall


 HeartLine_TQ_Pndt.JPG (36866 bytes)

Turquoise block Heartline Spirit Bear w/ top Bail  
1 3/8" across x 7/8" tall



Bears measure

1 1/4" wide x 3/4" tall  *   

 top drilled back to belly 

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     Walking Bear Pendant  Beads $8.00 each
        please do not add a quantity more than shown in (#)

select stone:


  NOTE: variations in color pattern occur in natural stones 

Note: The animal beads are not Native American products. These beads are “Indian-style” products imported into the United States. Beads are (N) natural stone, (D) dyed stone, (M) man made, or 'block'.  Block is a man made material designed to resemble the appearance of a natural gemstone.

  Due to the handmade nature, every bead is unique and small variances may exist, even within the same style. 

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ALL_WLKBear_PNDT.jpg (88426 bytes)


Turquoise Magnesite Bear�Pendant Bead

 Turquoise Magnesite Bear Pendant Bead
 (dyed stone)

  Picasso Jasper Walking Bear Bead   


BEAR_PNDT_ALL.jpg (30911 bytes)

BEAR_BLK_PNDT_NM.jpg (17113 bytes)BEAR_Tiger_PNDT_NM.jpg (22443 bytes)

Bear_TQdark_Pndt.jpg (22860 bytes)