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Earrings are available with plated french hook earwires or posts (studs). If you wish to upgrade earwires select from below:

  Order plated Leverbacks     .Order .925  Sterling Silver earwires   Order 14k Gold Filled {not plated} earwires 

earrings Can be made in silver or gold - use dropdown to request Earrings to be made in Gold plated rather than Silver plated 

Note that photos are Samples.  Each bead is unique in color patterns and tones

Bears are 13mmx18mm (1/2" x 3/4") * click on any photo to enlarge  * see petite bears on page 2

0825zb8a.jpg (110257 bytes)

 Imperial Jasper (N) Zuni Bears
w/Swarovski bicone beads
#0825zb8 - $ 6.60


Rhyolite Zuni Bear 

Rhyolite Zuni Bear

Red Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper (N) Zuni Bear w/ garnet glass beads 
#0324zb6 - 


 Rhyolite (N) Zuni Bears
w/'Olivine Green' OR 'Indian Red' Swarovski crystals
  #0427zb6 - $6.60

  photos are Samples


Blue Sandstone w/sapphire Swarovski

Blue Sandstone Zuni Bears
with "
Indigo" Swarovski crystal
#0416zb1 - $6.60


Tiger Eye Zuni Bear Tiger Eye Zuni Bear

 Tiger Eye (N) Zuni Bears
with 4mm tiger eye beads
select S
ilver Or Gold #0514-0521zb - $6.60   


  Mother of Pearl Zuni Bear #5

Mother of Pearl (N) 13x18
w/ bronze Czech glass beads
#0801zb5 - 6.60


Tiger Eye Zuni Bear

  Tiger Eye (N) Zuni Bear
w/Swarovski bicone crystals
Silver Or Gold #0307zb9 -$6.95   


 0912zb2c.jpg (93933 bytes)

0912zb8.JPG (56758 bytes)

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl (N) 13x18
w/ black Czech glass beads
   #0801zb8 - $6.60


Aventurine (N) Zuni Bear13x18mm
w/ Chrysolite Swarovski bicone crystals
  select silver or gold * #0912zb8 - $6.90


Denim Lapis
Denim Lapis (N) Zuni Bear
with 4mm round beads 
Sample #0602zb9 - $6.40

0715zb3c.jpg (75316 bytes)

0715zb4b.jpg (62034 bytes)

Rhodonite (N) Bear 0624m9.
Rhodonite (N) Zuni Bear
with garnet glass beads
#0624m9 -  6.60


 Turquoise Dark (imit) Zuni Bear 13x18mm
w/ choice of turquoise or coral bead
 #0715zb3*4 - 6.60  

Turquoise Magnesite zuni bears Large 22mm

Turquoise Magnesite (dyed) Larger  22mm
with Czech black faceted  beads
#0728zb22 - $6.95


Black Onyx Zuni Bear 

Black Onyx Zuni Bears in Gold

Black Picasso Marble

  Black Picasso Zuni Bear
with black onyx bead
 #0127zb2 - $6.60

Black Onyx (N) Zuni Bear  13x18mm
with black onyx beads 

select silver or gold #0227zb8- $6.90  

Dalmatian Jasper Zuni  Bear0305zb11

Dalmatian (N) Zuni Bear with black onyx beads
Sample #0305zb11 - $6.60


Goldstone Zuni Bear earrings 

Goldstone Zuni Bear earrings

Unakite Zuni Bears 0313zb8e.jpg

Unakite (N) Zuni Bear 
 with 4mm unakite beads
#0313zb8 - $6.60

Goldstone (mm) Zuni Bear 13x18mm
with 4mm goldstone beads

select silver or gold  #0502-0416zb7 - $6.60


 Picture Jasper Zuni Bear

Picture Jasper (N) Zuni Bear
 with 4mm black onyx beads

 sample  #0301zb7 - $6.60


Aventurine Zuni Bear

Aventurine Zuni Bear in Gold

Picture Jasper Zuni Bear

Picture Jasper (N) Zuni Bear
 w/Czech bronze glass beads

  sample  #0826T2 - $6.60



Aventurine (N) Zuni Bear13x18mm
with 4mm green mountain jade beads 

select silver or gold  #0607m2 - $6.60


Snowflake Obsidian Zuni Bear

Snowflake Obsidian (N)
w/ 4mm snowflake beads
#0203zb1- $6.60

0402zb3b.jpg (74923 bytes)0402zb3a.jpg (78740 bytes)

Fluorite (N) Zuni Bears 13x18mm
w/ Amethyst Swarovski bicone crystals

Sample  #0402zb3 - $6.60  


New Jade Serpentine 0601zb9.jpg

'New Jade' (N) Zuni Bear
 w/Olivine Czech glass beads 
#0601zb9 - $6.60

White Howlite Zuni Bears

White Howlite (N) Zuni Bear
13x18mm w/ Swarovski 'Alabaster' bicones
#0114zb7 -$6.60


Candy Jade Zuni Bear /fuschiaCandy Jade Zuni Bear /zircon

Candy Jade (D) Zuni Bear 13x18mm
w/fuschia OR zircon blue Swarovski crystals

#0102zb7*8 -  SOLD OUT


Rose Quartz 0904zb3.jpg

Rose Quartz (N) Zuni Bear
w/ Rose Quartz  beads
  #0904zb3 - $6.60


click on any photo to enlarge  * see petite bears on page 2

Multi Inlaid Zuni Bears #A-B

Multi Inlaid Zuni Bears #Ab
with top turquoise bead

 #0312Ab * SOLD OUT


Multi Inlaid Zuni Bears #B

Multi Inlaid Zuni Bears #B
 #0312B * $12.00   last pair


Multi Inlaid Zuni Bears #C
 #0311C *


0127m6.jpg (97911 bytes) 0127m6a.jpg (81682 bytes)

One of a Kind Pattern

Mookaite (N) Zuni Bears #0127m6



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Below are Sold items

Mookaite Zuni Bears  Mookaite Zuni Bears  Mookaite Zuni Bears   sold

Mookaite Zuni Bears Mookaite Zuni Bears Mookaite Zuni Bears

One of a Kind Pattern

Mookaite (N) Zuni Bears 1006zb4



Carnelian Zuni Bear

 Carnelian (N) Zuni Bears
w/ carnelian bead
#0102zb3 - SOLD

Carnelian Zuni Bear w/Swar

Carnelian (N) Zuni Bear
with Swarovski crystal beads
Sample #0106zb1 - SOLD OUT  


Lite Turquoise Zuni Bear  Lite Turquoise Zuni Bear

 Turquoise (imit) Bear 13x18mm
w/ Czech light bronze faceted beads
in silver & Gold #0204-0226zb 
sold out

Lapis Zuni Bear 0801Z2

Lapis Howlite (D) Zuni Bear
with Czech glass beads
 #0801Z2 -  SOLD OUT