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Swarovski Crystal Bead Christmas Tree Earrings 

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Evergreen Vitrail Crystal Christmas Tree

Evergreen Vitrail Crystal Christmas Tree  virtrail.jpg (7176 bytes)

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Evergreen Vitrail Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings #6

  Vitrail - Siam Red top - Black or Siam base

 Vitrail crystal is a special effect Swarovski. Because of its unique play of color effects It can only truly be appreciated in person.

4mm Siam Faceted Bicone   
6mm Vitrail Margarita Crystal Bead    
8mm Vitrail  Margarita Crystal Bead   
10mm Vitrail  Margarita Crystal Bead

12mm Vitrail  Margarita Crystal Bead on 6 layer Tree
4mm Jet Crystal Cube  /  Siam Cube on 6 layer Tree 

silver plated french hook earwires (optional upgrades available)

packaged in a cotton filled gift box 

 $11.00 5 layer ~ or~ $14.00 6 layer

5 layer Tree #6   


6 layer Tree #6-T  


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