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  < back         Rhodonite Horse earrings  (mauve)  

Rhodonite beads are mauve pink, sometimes  with a black matrix. Rhodonite is believed to stabilize one’s thinking into what is true for oneself. It helps in making fine distinctions in people. Rather than black-and-white judgments like “good” or “bad”, the wearer sees others as brothers and sisters, with all their complexities, worthy of love. It brings love around you and helps you remain centered when you are in the love state. When carried or worn, it allows you to see the love in all of life’s experiences, even in the simplest of daily chores.
As these are carved from Natural stone, EACH Pair is unique in shape and depth of color
  • Handcrafted with natural Rhodonite Carved Horses and 4mm rhodonite beads
  • Measure 7/8" Long (not measuring earwire) earwires add 1/2" to length
  • silver plated french hook earwires 
  • Available in silver plated post or clip on by request at no additional cost
  • .925 sterling earwires available for purchase to replace plated earwires

horses measure approximately  1“x 3/4“

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