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Jade - Long revered by Asians as the most precious of all stones for centuries, besides being the most beautiful and valued natural material for making jewelry and utensils, jade is considered to possess the power of good luck, good health, and the ability to resist evil spirit and to get rid of bad luck. Jade is associated with Venus and is green in color.  It has long been associated as a love stone as well as one for wisdom, healing, and used to promote fertility and abundant crops                     

  • Handcrafted with natural African Jade Carved Horses and 4mm beads

  • Measure 7/8" Long (not measuring earwire) earwires add 1/2" to length

  • silver plated french hook earwires 

  • Available in silver plated post or clip on by request at no additional cost

  •  .925 sterling earwires available for purchase to replace plated earwires

horses measure approximately  1x 3/4

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