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Beads: Bears * Birds & Hummingbirds * Buffalo * Dolphin & Fish * Horses * Sets of 6  * Squirrel * Turtles * Wolf * Zuni Bears * Pendants  

BEAD Lots of 6 animals * $8.40 * 

Black Labradorite Buffalo Black Buffalo Turtle_Spiney.JPG (27632 bytes) Bronzite Buffalo  spiney oyster red Turtle
Amber  Bear Bronzite Buffalo
Turtle_Malachite.jpg (24332 bytes)  green Turtle Black Labradorite WolfTigereye Zuni Bear Bead Black Wolf
white Wolf Tiger eye Zuni Bear
Red Hummingbird Bear_White_VCG.JPG (20269 bytes)Squirrel_Dk_Turq.JPG (14625 bytes) white jade bear
Dalmatian Zuni Bear turquoise Squirrel

 above: Lot #P1   *  SOLD


above: Lot #P2   *  SOLD


Black Labradorite Buffalo  Bronzite Buffalo Black Buffalo  Bronzite Buffalo Black Onyz  Zuni Bear Bead Bronzite Buffalo
  Bronzite Buffalo   Black Zuni Bear
Turtle_Spiney.JPG (27632 bytes)

Turtle_Malachite.jpg (24332 bytes)

 spiney Turtle Squirrel_Dk_Turq.JPG (14625 bytes) Turtle_Spiney.JPG (27632 bytes) turquoise Squirrel
 Green Turtle  spiney Turtle
  Red Aventurine Zuni Bear Bead
MOP zuni bear Carnelian Horse Bear_White_VCG.JPG (20269 bytes) Carnelian Horse
Red Aven Zuni Bear white jade bear
 above: Lot #P8  $8.40    above: Lot #P9   * $8.40  
Carnelian Horse  Bronzite Buffalo Carnelian Horse   Black Labradorite Buffalo Black Buffalo
Bronzite Buffalo Turquoise Fish
Black Labradorite Wolf Bear_White_VCG.JPG (20269 bytes) Black Wolf Cocoa Jasper Cocoa Horse
white jade bear

Red  Hummingbird    

Denim Lapis Turtle Bead Tigereye Zuni Bear Bead Denim Turtle Turtle_Malachite.jpg (24332 bytes)    Green Turtle
Tigereye  Zuni Bear  Picture Jasper  Zuni Bear
 above: Lot #P3  * SOLD  above: Lot #P10   *  $8.40  

     Bead Sets of 6 * only 1 each set * $8.40 per set  

LOT_T.JPG (37284 bytes)

<< 8 mixed Zuni Bear beads * $5.50 per set - each set is a different mix of gemstones in assorted colors 

 *SAMPLE* Lot of 8 assorted zuni bears    



8 Zuni Bear beads * $5.50 per set-each set is a different mix  


Wholesale Lots Animal Beads *  

Lot 40 Beads Lot mixed Beads 

Wholesale Lot of 20 Assorted fetish animal Beads

photos are a sample Lot

Grade B @ $0.80 per bead * $16.00 * 1 available

 * Great when matched pairs are not needed for necklaces or bracelets 

definition of Grade B: color or shape may not be uniform, stone may have some natural color voids or variations or be carved with minimal differences in size, stone may have natural mineral pitting or be drilled a little off center. Good for bracelets, adornments, general craft item  
  Lot of 20 mixed animal        


Bears  * Birds & Hummingbirds * Buffalo * Dolphin & Fish * Horses * Squirrel * Turtles * Wolf * Zuni Bears * Pendants  













Lot_37ebay.JPG (42875 bytes)  



Group2.jpg (47225 bytes)

Group3.jpg (59287 bytes)

Group4.jpg (59120 bytes)

  Group2  * SOLD

  Group3  SOLD

  Group4  *  SOLD

Group5.jpg (53122 bytes)

Lot_0720.JPG (63979 bytes)

Lot_0726.JPG (63904 bytes)

  Group5  * SOLD

 Lot 0720  *  SOLD

 Lot 0726  *  SOLD