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Note: The animal beads are not Native American products.  Beads are (N) natural stone, (D) dyed stone, or (M) manmade, Red & Dark Turquoise horse beads are 'block' a man made material designed to resemble the appearance of a natural gemstone.  Due to the handmade nature, every bead is unique and small variances may exist, even within the same style.    

NOTICE*  prices from overseas suppliers increased! Sorry-its the new global economy!

Horses are drilled back to belly  & measure approx  7/8" x 3/4" * variations in color pattern occur in natural stones

Aventurine (N) (6)  
natural stone

Black Onyx Horse Bead
Black Onyx (N) (8)
natural stone     

Cocoa Jasper
Cocoa Jasper
(N) (8)  
natural stone  

 Horse-Dalm.jpg (28609 bytes)
natural stone sample  
Horse_Goldstone.JPG (26089 bytes)
Goldstone (M)
man made stone
 HORSE_Lapis.JPG (25475 bytes)
Lapis Howlite
(D) (2)
dyed stone sample 
HORSE_NM_PicassoMarble.jpg (18259 bytes)
Picasso Jasper
(N) (4)
natural stone sample 
HORSE_RED.JPG (13702 bytes)
Red block (6)
Horse_RoseQtz_NM.jpg (20370 bytes)
Rose Quartz (N) (6) natural  stone 
 HORSE_Tigereye2.JPG (21860 bytes)
Tigereye (N) (6)  
natural stone

 Light Turquoise horse
Turquoise light (2) 
imitation turquoise

Dark Turquoise horse
Turquoise dark (8) 
imitation turquoise
Unakite Horse
Unakite (N) (2) 
natural stone sample 
 Carnelian Horse
(N) (10)
natural stone
Horse-WhiteHow.jpg (31883 bytes)
White Howlite (N) (2) natural stone  sample 

 Horse beads  drilled back to belly  $2.80 each
please do not add a quantity more than shown in (#) * or substitute color will be sent  



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LARGER Animal Pendant Beads for Necklace Centerpiece






HORSE_NM_PicassoMarble.jpg (18259 bytes)

Picture Jasper  Horse  

sold out
Picture Jasper
(N) (2)
natural stone sample 


Horse_Apple2.JPG (27439 bytes) 


6 Assorted Horse #A
#A * 6 mix Horse bead  out 

  Rhodonite HORSE
Rhodonite (N) out
natural stone sample

6 asst Horse bead #B
#B * 6 mix Horse bead out 
  Zebra Jasper Horse Zebra Jasper Horse   Horse_White.jpg (20228 bytes) white serpentine
Zebra Jasper (N) out 
natural stone sample