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Coral Tube Eyeglass Chain  #0712ec4


Coral Tube Eyeglass Chain  #0712ec4

   Coral Tubes strung with blackstone diamond shape, Turquoise round beads, with black seed beads  

LENGTH: eyechain measures 29"-30" long

PRICE:  $21.00 w/ loop ends  ($23.00 with Grip Ends as shown)


Pictures reflect style. As some eyechains are  made at time of order, there may be  small variations. 

All beads are handcut,  so sizes and shapes may vary from those shown

Cushion Padded Alligator clip Grips: available on any eyechain for $3.00. For Grips to be attached to your eyechain order, Just add to cart with Grips 

            with black  loop ends $21.00

     with Silver GRIP end $23.00


  My eyeglass chains are handcrafted using semi-precious gemstones, quality glass beads,  pinshell heishi, sterling or gold plated beads, stone fetishes or Fimo beads.  Eyechains are strung on durable 21 or 49   strand jewelers wire.  The end loops are available in 2 styles - rubber with adjustable slide coil  or "alligator clip" ends (additional charge).   If at any time for some unforeseen reason one of the ends should break, I will  gladly replace the ends free of charge if shipped to me with $2.50 for return shipping/handling.  If you wish to mail payment and not use the shopping cart, just send an email and list the ones you want to order.  I will email you the total due and payment address. 

21 -strand Beadalon® Wire is used for stringing eyechains. Beadalon® allows designs to drape naturally, without kinking. The  fine strands of stainless steel wire are stranded together and then nylon coated. This beading wire is considered the strongest, most flexible wire available. It is superior for holding its shape and resisting kinks.


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