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 NOTICE:  each eyeglass chain is made at the time of order and may take 2-5 days to hand craft depending on my work load. Please allow 6-9 days for delivery of eyeglass chains.  Thanks

Wearing eyeglasses has never been more fashionable!     

Looking for a fashionable and affordable jewelry gift for someone special or yourself?  
Handmade eyeglass chains make a stylish and complimentary accessory 
~~~~~~~ "Your eyeglass chain is like a piece of jewelry." ~~~~~~

Sedonaflame Artisan Handcrafted beaded eyeglass chains (also known as eyeglass leashes) are the perfect way to keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses fashionably close by, secure and never lost! They also make a thoughtful gift for the person you know that is always looking for their misplaced glasses.  Elegant handmade beaded eyeglass chains are like necklaces with the added functionality of carrying glasses wherever you go!.  My beaded eyeglass chains are finished with adjustable coil rubber loop ends or are available made with Grip ends which can be purchased separately to replace the loop ends

I handcraft my
beaded eyeglass chains with high quality semi-precious stones, Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, color lined crystal, black, or other colorful Czech glass seed beads, sterling plated or gold plated beads and more, all strung on premium stainless steel beading wire! 

The standard typical length of eyechains  is approximately 28",  however if you prefer a longer or shorter length,  request desired length in Payment message to seller.  

** TIP ** to tighten the loop hold on the "arm" of you glasses click here for instructions

NEW * Click here to see Lobster claw attached for easy replacement of Loop Ends

 NOTE: Eyeglass Chains are handmade at time of purchase and will be shipped within 2-4 days 

Click on images or Title for details and to purchase 

Tortoise glass bead Eyeglass Chain Limited Edition

Tortoise Glass Bead Eyeglass Chain


 "Your eyeglass chain is like a piece of jewelry." 

 Multi Gemstone Nugget Chip Eyeglass Chain 

Multi Gemstone Nugget


Multi Gemstone nuggets


 "Your eyeglass chain is like a piece of jewelry." 

NEW * Click here to see Lobster claw attached for easy replacement of Loop Ends

  see Fetish Animal Eyechains in Gallery 2  ** see PET Lovers Eyechains in Gallery 3 

 Coral Tube & Turquoise Cube 0511Ec8

Coral Tube & Turquoise Cube #0511EC8
$21.00 w-loops  / $23.00 w-Grips     

 Millefiori Lampwork Rounds in Gold
$16.00 loops / $19.00 w-Grips

 Millefiori Lampwok Rounds in Silver
$16.00 loops / $19.00 w-Grips

Mille_SQ2.JPG (57732 bytes)

Millefiori Lampwork SQUARES in Silver
$17.00 loops / $20.00 w-Grips

Turquoise Tube & Coral 0822EC7

Turquoise Tube & Coral  #0822EC7
$21.00 / $23.00 w-Grips  

TQ and Black

 Black & Turquoise #1020m15 SOLD

African Christmas Bead 

African Christmas Bead $15.00

Coral Tube/Black Diamond 

Coral Tube/Black Diamond   
$21.00 w-loops  / $23.00 w-Grips  


  Garnet Gemstone Nugget SOLD

Gemstone SHAPES Eyeglass Chain

 Gemstone 'SHAPES'  $24.00

Carnelian Nugget

  Carnelian Gem Nugget $19.00

Furnace Cane Glass

 Furnace Cane Glass  $19.00


    Turquoise Tube, Coral, Black $20.00

0811E4a.jpg (33905 bytes)

Crystal Bicone Mix Colors  $14.00

Crackle Ice Bead  $14.00

  Miyuki Colorlined Cube  $14.00

Va Va Voom! Lampwork  $18.00
or $21.00 with
Grip ends


Exotic Lampwork Glass  $18.00
or $21.00 with
Grip ends

Goldstone Nugget  $17.00
eggshell seedbeads

  Black Czech & Gold eyechain
$18.00 w/Grips ($15.00 w/ loop ends)

Artistic (Paint Brush) Jasper Gold $18.00 


Artistic (Paint Brush) Jasper in Silver $18.00 

Snowflake Obsidian Tube  $17.00  


Picasso Marble Eyeglass Chain
  Picasso Marble Tube  $18.00

White Cats eye & Gold

 White Cats eye & Gold  $19.00 w-Grips
 $16.00 with Clear loop ends

White Cats eye & Silver

 White Cats eye & Silver $19.00 w-Grips
 $16.00 with Clear loop ends

Scenic Jasper Gold

  Scenic Jasper Gold $18.00
 $20.00 with Gold Grip ends

 Autumn Jasper Gold (Epidot)

Autumn Jasper (Epidot) Gold
$16.00 / $19.00 w-Grips

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NEW * Click here to see Lobster claw attached for easy replacement of Loop Ends

click here to add $3.00 for USPS Priority domestic shipping   

Cushioned Silver Grip

 Cushion Padded Alligator Grips: 

 available attached on any eyechain ordered for $3.00. For Grips to be attached to your eyeglass chain. 
Select add to cart WITH GRIPS on the item page

All eyeglass chains are handcrafted using semi-precious gemstones, quality glass beads, sterling or gold plated beads, stone fetishes or Fimo beads.  Eyechains are strung on durable 21 strand jewelers wire.  The end loops are available in 2 styles - rubber with adjustable slide coil, or "alligator clip" ends (additional charge).  Double rubber loop ends are used on all orders unless otherwise requested.  If at any time one of the rubber ends should split, as they can do with wear, I will  gladly repair it free of charge if shipped to me with $3.00 for return shipping/handling.   

21 strand Beadalon® Wire is used for stringing eyechains. Beadalon® allows designs to drape naturally, without kinking. The  fine strands of stainless steel wire are stranded together and then nylon coated. This beading wire is considered the strongest, most flexible wire available. It is superior for holding its shape and resisting kinks.

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We always want our customers to be happy with their purchase. When you receive your package, if there is any problem whatsoever, please email so a solution can be reached. Communication is the only way to resolve any issue you may have!
If for any reason buyer is dissatisfied, purchase price will gladly be refunded upon return receipt of the item within two weeks of original shipment date. Shipping charges are NOT refundable

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We appreciate your business :)

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